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          Contact: Paul Prewitt
          Big Impact Films,Inc
          Daytona Beach, FL
          (386) 290-9220
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          Weathertech - ROLEX DAYTONA
          Benjamin Moore Paints
          Florida Fly-In Properties
          Adoption & Family Support Center
          Marriott Hotel Nassau
          Phoenix East Aviation
          Plaza Resort & Spa
          21st Century Dream Network
          Kransco Toys
          Vegas Vodka
          Ron Jons-Easter Surfing Festival
          Fox Sports Net
          InDemand Pay Per View
          Cohen and Cohen Law Firm
          Powerflow Systems
          Sea Safe Mooring System
          No Profile Boat Lifts
          Manheim Auto Auctions
          Southern Coast K9
          Planet X TV
          Mobibase France
          Columbia Pictures
          Hawaiian Tropic
          PowerSki JetBoards
          Moss Construction
          DPM Entertainment
          Venus Swimwear
          E! TV
          Outdoor Life Network
          Harley Davidson Clothing?
          Bennett Sports -"Extremists"
          American Dream Calendar Girls
          Aloha Classic
          Playboy TV
          Gods Media
          Dock Supply
          Eddie Moneyd text.
          Images: Selection of video productions filmed in Florida, Oregon,Vegas, Bahamas, Hawaii, Cuba, Asia and Mexico.??
          ?Big Impact Films, Inc., is a Florida-based Video Production Company ?Copyright ? Paul Prewitt 2011?c
          HomeThe CompanyAction SportsSample VideosPhoto GalleryClientsDocumentariesStore

          Images: Florida cameraman & video producer Paul Prewitt shooting Infomericals, marketing videos, pay-perview ?and TV Specials with SONY HD 900, Panasonic HPX 3700? and Ex1 cameras. ?Also available:16mm high speed, 3D Panasonic ?AG-3DA1, Mini Jib, SONY EX1, ?DVCAM , POV, underwater & special mounts.?

          Mini Boom Crane?
          ?We are an association of professionals available for any size production . You pick the talent that fits your needs and budget.? We produce award winning productions from Web marketing videos to TV programming and? Documentaries. ? Tell us the goal and we′ll create the concept.? Our communications pieces don′t just carry your message, they inspire, educate and entertain, achieving? results for you.
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          Internet Marketing Videos - Commercials - Documentaries - Films - Instructional Videos - Sports photography,? Racing Video and Photography, Event Photography Multi-camera shoots ?- ?Underwater Video - ENG packages - Green Screen ?- ?Rear Screen Projection - Mini Boom Crane -?
          Dolly - Grip & Lighting?
          Video proves it happened ! ?Good “HDTV Video Production”?
          captures the essence and feelings of the happening !

          Images: on location shooting documentaries, commercials, corporate marketing videos, instructional videos
          ?????? 386-290-9220
          Video proves it happened ! ?Good HDTV Video Production
          captures the essence and feelings of the happening !
          New 4K Cameras: ?
          SONY F 7??
          PANASONIC 3D AG-3DP1 ?
          Z 10000 Affordable 3D
          SONY ex3
          Paul Prewitt, Director of Photography,?30 Yrs Experience